We are pleased to confirm Lauren Wicks has been promoted to lead our Product Development and Conduct Risk divisions.

Lauren is a valued member of the Folgate team, having worked for the company for several years. Joining us in 2010, Lauren quickly gained the attention of Senior Management for her strong leadership, organisational skills and her diligence and commitment to the company.

Lauren has demonstrated her natural skills and ability to problem solve in her handling of various complex and technical matters along with her successful management of company complaints. Lauren’s excellent attention to detail has resulted in her long-term oversight and management of Folgate’s entire product offering, working closely with our Chief Underwriting Officer; Ian Russell and our Chief Operating Officer; Jon Bates as she has developed her roles at the company.

Lauren has led the company through many regulatory changes in the insurance industry in recent years, most notably the implementation of The Insurance Act 2015, The General Data Protection Regulations, The Insurance Distribution Directive and more recently The Senior Managers and Certification Regime and FCA’s General Insurance Pricing Practices.

Learn a little more about Lauren……

What do you enjoy most about working at Folgate?
The nature of my role at Folgate means that every day is different. I really enjoy the diversity of my job and the opportunity to engage with customers and stakeholders at all levels of the business. I have been with the company for almost 12 years now, a substantial proportion of my career in insurance, and I think such long-term commitment to a company speaks for itself.

What excites you most about the insurance industry? 
It is difficult to say what ‘excites’ me about the insurance industry. I can say however that the most rewarding part of working in the insurance industry is simply the fact that we are able to help when a person or a business is in need.

What responsibilities are you most looking forward to in your new role as Head of Product Development and Conduct Risk?
We have a great plan to launch more products on our extranet platform and other broker platforms such as Acturis. This expansion in distribution will ensure that our company continues to help brokers transact business with us in the most simple way possible, at a fair price.

Lauren Wicks said, “I am committed to ensuring that we deliver the best outcomes for our customers. The environment in which we operate is changing rapidly and it is vital that we keep up with those changes and continue to offer valuable, quality products. I’m delighted to take up the role of Head of Product Development and Conduct Risk and I look forward to working with my colleagues at Folgate to deliver a first-class service to our customers.

Ian Russell, Chief Underwriting Officer commented “I’m looking forward to building the team in 2022 with Lauren to accelerate our growth with new and existing product upgrades already in the pipeline. Lauren’s experience, skills and her contribution within the Product Development/Governance and Conduct Risk divisions have met the high standards required by the Folgate board and we look forward to working with Lauren in her new role as Head of Product Development and Conduct Risk.“

For Product Development or Conduct Risk queries, please contact Lauren:

Mobile: 07950 741 046
Direct: 020 7256 3439

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