Lauren has recently celebrated being with Folgate for 10 years, find out about what her role entails and what she enjoys about working here.

Lauren Wicks Folgate Insurance

Current position and what you do?

Product Development and Conduct Risk – In a nutshell, I lead a Product Development team who are responsible for new product creation as well as updating and redesigning our existing offerings. Our main objective is to develop and maintain products and services that provide ultimate protection to our customers specific to their demands and needs at an affordable price while ensuring the profitability and longevity of our business.

Reporting to our Executive Board members, I am also responsible for the ongoing management and oversight of our Conduct Risk Framework which helps to ensure that the actions of our business do not have a negative impact or poor outcome for our customers.

Time spent at the company

I celebrated my 10 year anniversary on 04/01/2020.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy bringing a product to market that was once just a great idea. To see our customers benefit from the hard work and efforts of our team in developing a market leading, quality and dependable product is really nice to see.

Random fact about yourself

Calamity Jane is one of my all time favourite films – so much so, I named my British Bulldog puppy ‘Doris’.

Contact Details

0207 256 3100 ext.114