Folgate Cover Note Book

Although we no longer underwrite Motor Insurance here at Folgate; we are thrilled to have been sent this old cover note book by one of our brokers.

Henry & Scott at Clarke Williams had it tucked away in a dusty cover note box which they acquired during their take over of Osmond Davis earlier this year.


The Cover Note book includes Motor Insurance certificates which were issued back in 1996, over 30 years ago!

We have been recognised as a trusted and established insurer since Folgate Insurance Company was formed in 1877.

Folgate currently offer UK brokers the facility to arrange a wide range of commercial insurance products on behalf of their clients, including: Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, Directors & Officers and Warranty.

We also underwrite binding authorities through MGA’s and independent brokers on the products above.

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A special thanks to Henry and Scott at Clarke Williams Insurance Brokers for finding this and sending it over to us.