You may have heard in the press earlier this year that Folgate Insurance Company Ltd, which is owned by APC, had it’s insurance license granted.

We are now in a position to update you on the future of Folgate Insurance Company Ltd and can confirm that the company will continue trading once again, and it is very much business as usual for 2019.

APC will be underwriting business on behalf of Folgate and other partner insurers in 2019. We will be sharing further updates with you along with Folgate previews in the lead up to the launch within the coming weeks.

About Folgate Insurance Company Ltd

  • Folgate Insurance Company Ltd has been established since 1877
  • Folgate operated as a large insurance company for over 100 years with multiple offices around the UK and had a strong track record and traditional values
  • Folgate is a UK Insurance Company regulated by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)