We are excited to announce that the countdown to the launch of Folgate Insurance has officially begun, and here is your first preview of what the brand will look like.

In just a matter of weeks APC Underwriting will be transforming into Folgate Insurance Company Ltd, continuing with it’s highly successful business model, whilst embracing Folgate’s traditional values.

Scroll down to read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Folgate Insurance Company Ltd start writing business?
Business will be Underwritten from Tuesday 1st January 2019.

What will happen to APC Underwriting and do I need a new TOBA?
APC Underwriting will continue to Underwrite as Folgate’s managing agent, dealing with existing policies in line with current procedures. There will be no requirement for a new TOBA.

What if I have an existing policy and/or an upcoming renewal?
Renewals will be offered as standard from December 2018. Any policies due to be renewed from Tuesday 1st January 2019 onwards, and any MTA’s for existing business, will also be underwritten in line with current procedures.

How will I transact business with Folgate Insurance Company?
Other than binding authorities and exclusive schemes, APC’s current on-line trading platform will be re-branded as Folgate from the launch in December. Your log in details will remain unchanged and it is business as usual on-line.

Will there be any change in personnel or contact details?
There will be no changes made to any contact details or to members of the team.

What about APC London Market?
APC London Market is an integral part of the APC group and we can confirm that it will be business as usual for APC London Market in the new year. Visit their new website to find out more, http://apclondonmarkets.com/