Hotels, Guesthouses and Bed & Breakfasts Product Update

The last two years have seen severe disruption to businesses around the world, with the hospitality industry being a sector that has suffered immeasurably from the fallout of the pandemic.

Whilst the effects are still being felt, the hospitality sector is starting to see a resurgence as restrictions are lifted and businesses and the general public are free to go back to a normal way of life.

Hotel, Guest House & Bed & Breakfast (“B&B”) businesses are a key area that will play a pivotal role in the ‘bounce back’ of the British economy, and Folgate are continuing our support in offering a comprehensive insurance product for this market and our broker partners.

Our Hotels and Guesthouses product is supported by Folgate’s experienced underwriting team who pride themselves on their excellent service levels and ability to offer consistent underwriting solutions to a variety of risks within this sector.

Sum Insured Limits
Although the market continues to reduce capacity in the Hotel, Guest House & B&B trades, Folgate can continue to cater for risks with a maximum material damage sum insured of £10,000,000 any one location (including business interruption).

Daily Trading
Manual presentations and submissions via our online trading platform are acceptable and welcomed.

Simpler still, if you require some guidance on the acceptability of a risk or are looking for a very rough indication of premium (“VRI”), please call one of our Underwriters using the contact details below who are more than happy to discuss these with you.

Target Risks
– Claims free risks
– Risks under £10,000,000 Material Damage and Business Interruption sum insured
– Well established hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs with a good trading history
– Grade listed properties (excluding Grade I and Grade II*)

Decline Risks
– Cooking within bedrooms
– Hostels / Halfway houses
– Public Houses & Inns
– Risks that house council / social support or asylum seekers

For enquiries, contact our SME & Combined Underwriting team:
Sarah Geddes / 020 8187 8864 /
Nancy Brown / 020 7256 3437 /
Scott Higgs / 020 7256 3414 /
Chris Sharp / 020 7256 3446 /

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