The Hotels & Guest Houses market has started to harden with rates rising and appetites changing.

Some hotels are completely shut for business, while others are open to help key workers and people not being able to work from home as the pandemic continues.

We want to help our supporting brokers and their clients on as many cases as we can, regardless if they are shut or open.

NHS Friendly
We are more than happy to review quotations for hotels and guest houses that are open solely or partially for key workers.

Government Quarantine Plan
The quarantine plan is due to start this month and we are available to discuss risks that are signing contracts with the government to help us through this pandemic.

We are flexible when it comes to hotels being unoccupied or occupied and in most cases, we will offer full cover subject to management or employees living on the premises.

Sum Insured Limits
Risks can be quoted with a maximum sum insured of £10,000,000 for any one location. If a risk is larger than £10,000,000, we can consider placement of the buildings separately.

Daily Trading
Manual presentations or statement of facts via our online trading platform are acceptable. Simpler still, if just you require guidance on the acceptability or a “VRI”, please just call an Underwriter.

Appetite & Benefits
– Risks that are not leased
– Any risk-based in the UK Mainland
– Grade listed properties (excluding grade 1 only)
– Low claims rebates or long term agreements for larger risks

For enquiries, contact our SME & Combined Underwriting team:
Adam Hewins / 020 7256 3449 /
Scott Higgs / 020 7256 3414 /
Christian Lawrence / 020 7256 3432 /

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